Thursday, January 8, 2015


We had a fun,crazy, and hectic month of December. The kids had concerts, we went to concerts, school, shopping, work, shopping, decorating the tree and house, and Christmas day. Here are some pictures that describes our month.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birthday month

It has been a fun fall around here so far.  The kids are all having a great time at school this year, and we are staying way busy.

We have had the first day of school. Landon is a Sophmore this year, Danica is in seventh grade, and Amity is in third grade.

We have had marching band all fall. That is my favorite time of the year.  It is fun to go see Landon's band play at football games and competitions.

We have also had birthdays.

Miss Danica turned Thirteen. I can't believe it.  I now have two teenagers.  She is such a cute girl.  She loves her friends, clothes, doing hair, art, and school.  She works hard at school and gets awesome grades.  She always tries hard to make good choices, and loves Young womens. We are proud of Danica.

Miss Amity turned nine this year.  She is in third grade and loves it! She does great at school, Loves loves loves hanging out with her friends, loves to dance, tumble, run, play, basically anything that involves moving her body.  She is our outgoing, bubbly child and loves to joke around and make us laugh.  We love having Amity in our family!

Landon also got invited to join National Honor's society. We are proud of him.  He works hard at school, and at home.  He wakes up every morning at ten to five to deliver papers before early morning band, gets awesome grades, and fulfills all his church and scout obligations.  He also runs a business and creates websites for some businesses around town.

October has been a busy month so far, but a fun month too!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Catching up

Holy cow it has been forever since I have written anything on this blog.  There was a time I wrote a lot more regular than I do now. A lot has happened since I have posted last... Seriously over a year has passed by.  Landon completed his Freshman year of highschool.  He was involved in band, BPA, robotics, drivers ed, and of course his business.

Danica finished her first year of junior high. Sixth grade was good to Danica. She turned twelve, was involved in choir, art, and did amazing on her school work.  She has some great friends she loves to hang out with and of course, loves young womens.

Amity had a wonderful second grade school year.  She got the teacher of her dreams, had a lot of friends in her classes, turned eight, got baptized, and tumbled and bounced her way through the year. 

A lot more happened in between, I worked at the school, Jeff traveled... A LOT...and we had a great summer.  I love looking at old pictures, and reading old posts. It is like a journal for me.  I have a goal to post a lot more regularly.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A few things we've been up to this summer

This summer has flown by. The older my kids get, the busier life is becoming. I am posting a few highlights of our summer so far.
Strawberry picking in the backyard.
Landon had the opportunity to go to the boy scout's encampment in Rigby for a week. He had such a fun time, and came home soooo very dirty.
Visiting Boise and paddling down the river.

Going tide pooling and visiting a light house in Oregon.
Playing in the ocean. It was beautiful!

Visiting Roloff farms and touring a submarine.
Landon had trek the week we got back from our trip. He loved it, and said it was an awesome experience.
 Picture over load... but it has been a fun summer so far for sure!

Monday, June 24, 2013

End of school year fun

School ended this year in a whirl wind of fun and busyness. We had a lot of fun and excitement going on around here.
Danica won visual arts for her age group in the state of Idaho for the reflections contest. Her picture was beautiful, and she was way excited.  She is such an amazing little artist, it is fun to see her talent grow.
Landon had his last band concert at Franklin. He has loved learning the trumpet, and I am happy he enjoyed band and loves music.
Danica had her fifth grade breakfast and talent show. Last one for Gate City.  She is off to middle school next year. She is excited...I am freaking out a little.
Landon got some student awards and finished up his middle school years.  He will be off to High school next year. I am proud of how well he did in junior high.  The next four years will be fun, but I know they will go fast.

Everyone's last day of school. We were all excited.  Let's bring on some summer fun!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Landon

I can't believe that Landon is turning 14 today.  Time goes fast, that's for sure. Landon loves school, loves to learn, loves music and band, and  loves the computer.  I think that he has created more websites than I've ever seen. He is excited to be going to Highschool, driving, and all the fun adventures that lie ahead for him. He is a good example to his sisters. He loves going to church and being with his friends at Young Mens. He is kind to those around him and is fun to be around.  I am glad that I have the opportunity to be his mom.  We are happy that Landon is part of our family, and we love him tons!  Happy Birthday to you Landon

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


All I can say about Easter this year is Beautiful! I don't remember an Easter Sunday that was so warm, sunny, and gorgeous. We had a fun weekend dying eggs, going on an Easter egg hunt, and finding our baskets. Landon came home 1:00 Easter morning, and we were glad to have him home to celebrate with us.

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday.