Thursday, August 1, 2013

A few things we've been up to this summer

This summer has flown by. The older my kids get, the busier life is becoming. I am posting a few highlights of our summer so far.
Strawberry picking in the backyard.
Landon had the opportunity to go to the boy scout's encampment in Rigby for a week. He had such a fun time, and came home soooo very dirty.
Visiting Boise and paddling down the river.

Going tide pooling and visiting a light house in Oregon.
Playing in the ocean. It was beautiful!

Visiting Roloff farms and touring a submarine.
Landon had trek the week we got back from our trip. He loved it, and said it was an awesome experience.
 Picture over load... but it has been a fun summer so far for sure!

Monday, June 24, 2013

End of school year fun

School ended this year in a whirl wind of fun and busyness. We had a lot of fun and excitement going on around here.
Danica won visual arts for her age group in the state of Idaho for the reflections contest. Her picture was beautiful, and she was way excited.  She is such an amazing little artist, it is fun to see her talent grow.
Landon had his last band concert at Franklin. He has loved learning the trumpet, and I am happy he enjoyed band and loves music.
Danica had her fifth grade breakfast and talent show. Last one for Gate City.  She is off to middle school next year. She is excited...I am freaking out a little.
Landon got some student awards and finished up his middle school years.  He will be off to High school next year. I am proud of how well he did in junior high.  The next four years will be fun, but I know they will go fast.

Everyone's last day of school. We were all excited.  Let's bring on some summer fun!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Landon

I can't believe that Landon is turning 14 today.  Time goes fast, that's for sure. Landon loves school, loves to learn, loves music and band, and  loves the computer.  I think that he has created more websites than I've ever seen. He is excited to be going to Highschool, driving, and all the fun adventures that lie ahead for him. He is a good example to his sisters. He loves going to church and being with his friends at Young Mens. He is kind to those around him and is fun to be around.  I am glad that I have the opportunity to be his mom.  We are happy that Landon is part of our family, and we love him tons!  Happy Birthday to you Landon

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


All I can say about Easter this year is Beautiful! I don't remember an Easter Sunday that was so warm, sunny, and gorgeous. We had a fun weekend dying eggs, going on an Easter egg hunt, and finding our baskets. Landon came home 1:00 Easter morning, and we were glad to have him home to celebrate with us.

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yay for Spring!

This past week was our spring break. It was a well anticipated break, and ended up being as fun as we all hoped. This year we didn't have everyone home. Landon had the opportunity to go on the American Heritage tour that their school takes the eighth graders on.  He spent the week in Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and New York City seeing our nation's history.  While he was gone, Jeff and I decided to take the girls to Salt Lake for a few days.  We had fun shopping, eating, going to the zoo, and going to chuck e cheese. It was a great week for us, and a great week for Landon.  Here are a few pics of our spring break.

We went to a beautiful garden up in Sugar House and had fun walking around and taking pictures.
The zoo was so fun. It was cool, and all the animals were out and very active.  Our favorite animal by far was the polar bear.  It kept swimming up to the glass and doing a whole routine for everyone watching.

Landon had so much fun.  I love this picture of him. He looks so happy. I won't lie. I was a nervous wreck all week, but I am so glad he was able to have this experience. All in all, it was a fun and relaxing spring break.  Now only 7 more weeks of school! Not that I'm counting or anything.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy new year

It has been forever since I have last posted.  Summertime. Now the weather is cold and snowy, and the school year is half over. We have had a great 2012 and are excited to move on to 2013.  The kids are loving school.  Amity is in the first grade, Danica fifth, and Landon is in eighth.  I can't believe I am old enough to have a highschooler soon.  Too crazy.  I have been working as a kindergarten aid, and it has been keeping me busy.  We just had a wonderful break and Christmas.  The kids got a lot of fun toys, and we were able to get started on my craft room yea! I am excited to get working on and finishing our basement this year, and for the warm weather to come!  Happy New Year!
I just have to say, my cute Landon designed this Christmas card for us.  He is awesome in graphic design!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fire behind our House

Fire behind our house. That was the title of the e-mail I got from my son while I was away on vacation. Talk about an e-mail title that freaked me out. There was a fire up above our house that came to our backyard fence. Our neighbors were evacuated, and we had great friends who hosed down our fence for us so our backyard didn't burn. We were fortunate that the winds were blowing the direction that kept the fire away from the houses. The firefighters said that if it had been blowing towards the homes, the whole street would have burned. It is very ugly now up on the hill, but we were blessed that nothing worse happened.